Meet the co-founders

Thank you for your interest in our company. We are three former students of the University of Miami Geodesy Lab that recognized the societal need for fast and accurate estimates of earth and infrastructure movement over time.

SRP amplitude image

Scott Baker

Scott specializes in geodesy and seismology. He received his PhD in geophysics from the University of Miami in 2012 and a M.Sc. in Geology from the University of Georgia in 2006. Scott is experienced in SAR interferometry and time series analysis, specifically using the Small BAseline Subsets (SBAS) technique. He also has experience using teleseismic data and the receiver function analysis techniques to study the structure of the crust and upper mantle, earthquake relocation and earthquake source inversions.

SRP amplitude image

Batu Osmanoglu

Batu specializes in telecommunications engineering and synthetic aperture radar interferometry time-series analysis. He has recieved many accolades for his research -- including the University of Miami Rosenstiel School F.G. Walton Smith Prize for 2013 for the most original research. His primary area of expertise is radar remote sensing, and he has worked on applications for observing surface deformation, measuring target velocities, boosting signal-to-noise ratio in target detection algorithms, and radar design and instrumentation.

SRP amplitude image

Gina Schmalzle

Gina specializes in high precision GPS, but really loves any kind of data and coding. She received her PhD in December of 2008, and recently attended Hacker School in February of 2014. In the past year she became more interested in making data fun and interactive for anyone to use. She brings that attitude to our company by developing websites like the Vector Projector and the Japan Earthquake Movie, each of which visually explore geophysical datasets. Check out her blog at